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  • Published On: February 19, 2024|
    10 Top Tips to Strengthen Your Digital Change Project

    Embarking on a digital change journey is one of the most effective ways to boost your business’ operational efficiency, drive positive change, and more. But it’s not always easy to [...]

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  • Published On: January 22, 2024|
    10 Reasons Why Employers Should Prioritise Development

    In today's business landscape, employers are constantly seeking ways to gain a competitive edge to recruit new talent, grow the business, and retain vital employees. One of the most effective [...]

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  • Published On: September 19, 2023|
    Rapid Video Response

    As the digital age is well and truly underway, we have entered a time of transition where selected roles and tasks are being performed online, but this tectonic shift can [...]

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  • Published On: August 22, 2023|
    Bridging language barriers in law enforcement

    Often referred to as the ‘the melting pot’, the United States is a country that hosts an array of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and with that comes many languages. In [...]

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  • Published On: August 7, 2023|
    Which CMI award is for me

    It can be quite overwhelming seeing the vast array of CMI Level 5 leadership and management awards, so the Issured Track team have put together this useful guide on all [...]

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  • Published On: July 10, 2023|
    Barack Obama on Deepfakes

    Barack Obama is one of the most photographed humans alive on Earth, and although this level of publicity is to be expected when governing the United States, this has left [...]

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  • Published On: June 21, 2023|
    digital evidence disputes in court

    With the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022 and the rapid progression in machine learning and AI technology, it’s no wonder that deepfakes have found their way into our day-to-day [...]

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  • Published On: June 6, 2023|
    Improving Wellbeing in Law Enforcement

    There is no effect without a cause, and it’s been expected for some time that with budget cuts and staff shortages in US law enforcement, prices will be paid for [...]

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  • Published On: May 22, 2023|
    our favourite mea connexus features

    When Mea: Connexus was originally designed, the objective was to create a remote video interview platform that would reduce the length of investigations whilst increasing confidence in the evidential material. [...]

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