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Cutting edge technologies and business transformation mean nothing without a skilled workforce to help see it through. Our Training and Development product line, Issured Track, can assist with upskilling, reskilling, and training your team, sharing our in-depth knowledge and experience as we go.

Issured are an accredited Chartered Management Institute (CMI) learning Centre, offering CMI qualifications and recognised programmes, as well as our own personal development programmes that offer a flexible approach to meeting your development objectives. By identifying your upskilling needs and any gaps in your workforce’s skillset, we can ensure all training is fully bespoke to both your organisation and your team’s requirements.

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Workforce Inclusion | Training and Development | Issured

Your Teams. United.

Being a diverse organisation can attract different talents and skill sets, providing a breadth of knowledge.

Issured Track provide:

  • Mentoring
  • Specifically developed courses
  • Workplace audits
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Team Development | Training and Development | Issured

Your Skills. Strengthened.

Issured Track isn’t just about training and upskilling, it’s about supporting your team to allow them to excel in the workplace.

We offer:

  • CPD Certified Aspiring Leaders course
  • Wellbeing
  • Reflection
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Tailored Training | Training and Development | Issured

Your Staff. Empowered.

We offer several tailored training courses, including several CMI accredited courses that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

We offer:

  • CMI Level 5 Leadership & Management
  • Programme & Project Management
  • Designing Sustainable Change Programmes
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Are you an aspiring leader?

Our Aspiring Leaders Programme is a blended approach of face-to-face workshops, self-directed learning, online sessions and mentoring sessions with experienced leaders.

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Our most popular courses

CMI Award

Unit 501 – Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context

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CMI Certificate

CMI Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

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CPD recognised course

Aspiring Leaders

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CMI Award

Unit 525 – Reflective Practice to Inform Personal and Professional Development

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Testimonials | Digital Transformation Specialists | Issured Ltd

A great start to help me progress in my new leadership & management role. Particularly enjoyed the conflict management and stakeholder engagement sessions. The whole day is ran as an immersive workshop, so you can get stuck into some management and leadership activities in a supportive learning environment, which I felt very welcomed at.

Kirsty, Aspiring Leaders Course

I recently completed the CMI Leadership & Management course run by Tom Cliffe. The course was informative, well paced, and the theory has really helped me to understand the importance of self reflection, and how it can help me develop, not only in my career, but also in my personal life. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to improve & develop their practice.

Sarah, CMI Course

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