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  • Published On: April 17, 2023|

    Following on from our latest article where we dove into the police shortage crisis in the USA, a recent news report by the San Francisco Chronicle details an additional $25 [...]

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  • Published On: March 27, 2023|
    The solution to US police staff shortages

    The writing has been on the wall for some time, but the latest news articles concerning US law enforcement is not about defunding, it is instead about staff shortages of [...]

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  • Published On: March 8, 2023|

      As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, we are pleased to announce the StreetSafe App is now live and available to download from both the App Store and Google Playstore. [...]

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  • Published On: February 5, 2023|
    Invest in young leaders

    According to the CIPD Youth Employment Report 2021, 30% of respondents said that lack of effective training/development programmes contributed to failing to meet their career expectations, leading to dissatisfaction in [...]

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  • Published On: January 19, 2023|

    Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve have had a significant time away from the workplace. In my case, I returned after [...]

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  • Published On: January 17, 2023|

    Huge growing pains can come along with a burning desire to expand and succeed. In order to deal with these growing pains, it is important to find a business that [...]

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  • Published On: January 15, 2023|

    We are pleased to announce that our Aspiring Leaders programme, as well as being recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), is now CPD certified. What is CPD? CPD stands [...]

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  • Published On: January 10, 2023|

    Are you preparing to take your first steps into a leadership role? Do you see yourself wanting to manage a team in the foreseeable future? The opportunity to manage and [...]

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  • Published On: May 4, 2022|
    How is 2022 for you | News & Blogs | Issured

    The start of a new year for many people signifies a time for review and goal setting, whether it’s personal, professional or a mixture of both. Although it may [...]

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