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  • Published On: January 29, 2021|
    Lessons learnt | News & Blogs | Issured

    Now we are finally through what seemed to be the longest January of all time(!), we, as a team, have taken some time to reflect on what we have [...]

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  • Published On: January 27, 2021|
    Inside justice logo | News & Blogs | Issured

    Issured are extremely pleased to be able to support Inside Justice in their important work with Mea: Connexus. We are really proud of our product and think it's great! [...]

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  • Published On: December 1, 2020|
    Tips for working from home | News & Blogs | Issured

    During lockdown 1.0, we devised a list a tips to support you through a different way of working. Now we have lived and worked through an additional lockdown and [...]

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  • Published On: October 9, 2020|
    Change blog cover| News & Blogs | Issured

    Don’t forget the people! During the lockdown one of the main things a lot of us have realised is that, despite our differences, we have so much in [...]

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  • Published On: May 18, 2020|
    Security hints & tips | News & Blogs | Issured

    Employees work with company information on a daily basis and can be the first line of defence, when working remotely or with customers and clients at their sites. However, [...]

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  • Published On: April 23, 2020|
    Top tips blog cover | News & Blogs | Issured

    As a Project Manager, or PM, you can feel like ‘a Jack of all trades and master of none’. But ultimately you are a problem solver, getting the right [...]

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  • Published On: January 7, 2020|
    IACP Conference logo | News & Blogs | Issured

    In October, Issured were thrilled to join the HMG’s Department of International Trade (Defence and Security) at the UK Pavilion at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) [...]

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  • Published On: November 5, 2019|

    The Safer / Smart City Platform is an agile integrated system, scalable and extensible where data transits in a fluid manner with no interruption within and outside the organisation. [...]

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  • Published On: October 18, 2019|
    IACP Conference logo | News & Blogs | Issured

    Only one week now until we attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago, US! We are proud to be exhibiting at the Department of International [...]

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