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As an award-winning provider, at Issured, we believe there’s a better way to support organisations. We’re passionate about transforming your vision into a reality, whether that be by giving you a helping hand, a nudge in the right direction, or completely restructuring your business strategy and the way you operate. In an ever-changing digital world, our mission is to help you achieve your goals.

With our team’s breadth of experience and industry knowledge, we can assist you with various aspects of your business change and transformation, including developing your organisational design, reviewing your business structure, developing and delivering software applications, reviewing and ensuring your Cyber Security, training and upskilling your workforce, and more. We’re with you every step of the way, supporting you to drive your business into the future. Not only do we have a great team who can guide you through the journey, but we also safeguard your people and data in the digital world throughout the process.

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This complex digital environment can be difficult to navigate, which is why we started Issured; to work in partnership with our clients to deliver sustainable business transformation and help simplify the complexity.

Our staff are our lifeblood. Their ‘can do’ attitude and expertise provides outstanding services and products to our clients on a daily basis in a way that minimises disruption and smoothly embeds value-adding change. Whether you need a little direction or a full restructure,
we are here to guide you.

Jon Empson, Chief Executive Officer

Our Services

Our diverse knowledge covers a range of specialisms including enterprise and business architecture, business analysis, operations management, organisational change, project and programme management, technology architecture and even engineering, in which we strive to deliver exceptional results.

If we’ve caught your attention, why don’t you have a look at our services?

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Consultancy, Design & Delivery

Not sure where to start to achieve business transformation?

Our team of experts can work alongside you to ensure your approach
is tailored to your organisation’s needs, leading to successful implementation of a future-proofed infrastructure and system that’s designed to last.

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Secure Applications

Are the demands of our digital environment challenging you to become more agile?

Perhaps you need new, bespoke technology to enable you to achieve your vision and become more efficient.

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Training and Development

Cutting edge technologies and business transformation mean nothing without a skilled workforce to help see it through.

Our Training and Development product line, Issured Track, can assist with upskilling, reskilling, and training your team, sharing our in-depth knowledge and experience as we go.

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IT Service Management

Do you need a hand taking control of your technology?

Our managed IT services could be just what you need, covering everything from IT service delivery and management, to Cloud transition.

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Social Responsibility

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Open to Ideas

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Challenging & Guiding

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Loyalty & Honesty

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Partnership Working

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Respect & Courtesy

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A WHOLE lot of fun!

Powered by knowledge

We listen to our clients and understand every aspect of the digital landscape. At Issured we continue to fund research and development to recommend the best processes and applications to provide beneficial results for our clients’ businesses.

Defined by our people

Our team is the heart and soul of Issured. We recruit the most talented individuals and ensure we invest in their development to continue their growth to become leaders in their specialised field, building a thorough understanding and extensive knowledge base.

Meet The Senior Management Team

Jon Empson | Meet the team | Issured

Jon Empson

Chief Executive Officer

Kiron Bose | meet the team | Issured

Kiron Bose
Chief Operating Officer

Jamie | meet the team | Issured

Jamie McCarthy
Chief Technical Officer

Dr Amanat Hussain
Executive Chair

Jed Stone | meet the team | Issured

Jed Stone
Chief Revenue Officer

Leanne Carlin Image | meet the team | Issured

Leanne Carlin
Head of Consultancy

Pete Farrell | Meet the team | Issured

Pete Farrell
Chief Information Security Officer

Mick Keogh | meet the team | Issured

Mick Keogh
Head of Quality Assurance, Comms & Estates

Sarah Mitchell
Head of Programme & Project Management