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Issured is an innovative and forward leaning organisation with social value at the heart of our day-to-day business operations. We work with our supply chain and partners to deliver real, sustainable change in both the community and commercially, by aligning their social strategy to our commercial strategy.

We believe our social value model (figure below) underpins our approach to achieving business growth and giving our staff the opportunity to be part of something powerful, helping boost their own confidence, morale, and sense of worth.

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Our CSR Themes

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Education and enabling
people to better themselves

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Inclusion and Equality

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Supporting the vulnerable in the
workplace or wider community

Our aims

We aim to build CSR partnerships where value can be added through sharing our core expertise,
building long term relationships and providing opportunities for our staff to contribute and give back.

National Museum | CSR | Issured

The National Museum of Computing

This independent charity is home to the world’s largest collection of functional historic computers, including the Turing-Welchman Bombe that enabled Britain to decode German messages encrypted by Enigma.

As the museum receives no government or heritage lottery funding, we’re proud to support their mission to “Conserve, Educate, and Engage” and enable them to continue to fund their highly successful learning programmes for schools, colleges, and universities which introduce young people to coding and STEM skills, inspiring the next generation of computer scientists and engineers.

Cafe track | CSR | Issured

Cafe Track

Based in Northamptonshire, Café Track is a social enterprise that provides work opportunities for autistic people. According to the National Autistic Society, only 16% of people with autism are in full-time employment, not through lack of skills or willingness to work, but because many organisations still lack understanding of autism.

We support Café Track in order to provide these highly talented individuals with greater access to employment, so that they can contribute to society the way they deserve.

Cambridge Cancer Help Centre | CSR | Issured

Cambridge Cancer Help Centre (CCHC)

The CCHC is a dedicated help centre that offers invaluable support for those diagnosed with cancer, plus their families, friends, and carers. Their work helps those suffering by providing a listening ear and a friendly place to meet others who’ve been diagnosed for mutual support.

After being nominated by an Issured staff member who has previous experience with the organisation, we’re now raising money and looking to establish a long-term relationship that will support and promote their work.

Inside Justice

Inside Justice is a charity with a vision for a fair and transparent criminal justice system for all. We’re proud advocates of their mission to investigate miscarriages of justice and strengthen the system with their panel of world-renowned experts.

By working closely with statutory and voluntary partners across the criminal justice system, they empower individuals convicted of a crime they say they did not commit.

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At Inside Justice, our mission is to empower individuals convicted of a crime they say they did not commit by working closely with statutory and voluntary partners across the criminal justice system.

Mea: Connexus provides us with the capability to securely contact the family and supporters of applicants and to record and create an audit trail of their issues, concerns, our agreed next steps and actions. It provides us with an immutable audit trail of case conference calls which can be referred to if issues, complaints, or challenges to the content of those calls arise.

Importantly, it’s extremely easy for participants to connect from any platform and has provided us with great savings in time and resources, helping us to provide a quick and efficient service. The quality of video and audio provided by the platform has meant that formal interviews and meetings can reliably be made remotely, safe in the knowledge that the content can always be trusted.”

Jill Battley, Chair of Trustees for Inside Justice