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Is your business cyber safe?

In the increasingly digital world, ineffective cyber security can have disastrous results for an organisation. The average cost of a ransomware attack is £6.5million and just 33% of all cyber security incidents involve a malicious file. With data breaches taking on average 191 days to discover and 66 days to contain, preventing cyber attacks through a sufficient cyber security strategy is of utmost importance and could save your company from significant financial and reputational harm.

So, what does good cyber security look like?

Understand Cyber Security Risks

The first stage of making sure your business is cyber safe is to understand and analyse the potential risks to your business. Your most valuable asset is your company data, so ensuring it is kept safely and securely should be at the forefront of your analysis. Consider legal and regulatory responsibilities alongside how breaches could occur and what people could do with your data.

Adequate IT Infrastructure with Good Controls

Making sure your IT infrastructure is robust enough to identify, disrupt and prevent cyber security breaches is an essential ingredient in a good cyber security strategy. It is not enough to ensure that external attackers can’t access your systems; all IT systems should have individual log-ins, access levels and audit capabilities to protect yourself from dishonest activity.

Strong Processes with Cyber Security in Mind

The next stage of becoming cyber safe is to refresh of all your IT processes and ensure they are fit for purpose; from email and internet usage policies, to password security and adequate controls. This is also a good opportunity to protect the reputation of your organisation through a strong social media policy that prevents confidential information from being shared online.

A Trained and Knowledgeable Workforce

External breaches disguise themselves as internal ones as quickly as possible to fool employees into opening the door to your company data. That’s why it’s essential that your staff are properly equipped to deal with potential and actual breaches. Staff should undertake regular training that informs them about their responsibilities towards cyber security and how to fulfil them.

Transform your business cyber security today

Issured offer full-service digital transformation with cyber security in mind. We don’t just deliver a new strategy; we partner with you to embed the transformation into every level of your business and realise tangible results. Contact our experts to find out how we can transform your vision into reality.

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