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police security expo 2023

Police Security Expo 2023

Issured are excited to announce that we will be attending Police Security Expo 2023.

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June 27-28 2023

Atlantic City (NJ) Convention Center, USA

Booth 1055

27th – 28th June 2023

Atlantic City (NJ) Convention Center, USA

Booth 1055

Learn more about Mea: Connexus

Are you ready to start saving time and resources in your law enforcement investigations? 

Introducing Mea: Connexus, a secure and tamper evident remote video interview platform.

Easy to implement and even easier to use, perform witness, victim, and voluntary suspect interviews remotely on any device with any browser.

Enable police officers and staff to do more while simultaneously reducing the cost of operations and investigations.

Mea Connexus across devices
Mea: Connexus

Built using Blockchain Technology, Mea: Connexus improves the quality of the interview evidence and optimizes investigative interview procedures in law enforcement.

Alongside its highly secure infrastructure, Mea: Connexus provides all the features needed to make the investigation process much more straightforward:

• Automatic, instant, time-coded transcription

• Silent observers 

• Bookmarking and annotation of key points within an interview

• Interview Case Management to enable easy management, sharing and collaboration

• Secure Chat, screen and file sharing for images, video, audio and documents

Mea: Connexus is securely hosted on MS Azure Government and is both NIST and CJIS compliant. With no need to download software or install any hardware, increase the public’s satisfaction and the service you provide with easy to use, simple to join video interviews.

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