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our favourite mea connexus features

Enrich Your Remote Meetings with Our Favourite Mea: Connexus Features

When Mea: Connexus was originally designed, the objective was to create a remote video interview platform that would reduce the length of investigations whilst increasing confidence in the evidential material. To ensure that teams of investigators would be able to transition from physical to virtual meetings, we integrated features that would not only benefit the investigators and staff, but the end users too. So whether you are already a user, trialling the software, or just interested in learning more, our team have compiled a list of our favourite features of the secure video interview platform.

Designed for remote investigation, Mea: Connexus securely archives your meetings, is recordable and retrievable 24/7 and has no complex installation required. Firstly we will delve into the features that apply specifically to the hosts of interviews, then explore the features that impact the end users.

Features for the Interviewers and Staff:

  • Bookmark and annotate key points during or after the interview. Hosts of the meeting will have a bookmark icon on their taskbar which, when pressed, will timestamp that point in the interview and allow the host to annotate the bookmark. In addition to this, the host or silent observer(s) can create bookmarks by using a keyboard shortcut (spacebar) so that they can keep their attention on the interview.
Silent Observer
  • A digital two-way mirror to the interview. Send a personalised URL of the video meeting to observers that want to remain hidden from other meeting participants. In the meeting, you can talk with the silent observer through the secure chat without notifying the other participants on the call.

Silent ObserverSend a personalised URL to silent observers using the above button under ‘My Interviews’

Case Management
  • Recognising that investigations are largely undertaken by groups of individuals, Mea: Connexus provides the ability for organisations to create groups of users that replicate their organisational structure. Group members can collaborate on the review and annotation of video interviews.
Blockchain Validation
  • Mea: Connexus uses Blockchain technology to preserve the evidential integrity of your video meetings. Every meeting you host, we create a unique SHA-256 encryption number which you can then validate using our Blockchain validator.

Validation statement

Mea: Connexus Validation Statement

1TB of Storage
  • 1TB of secure cloud storage as standard, which equates to over 1000 hours of interviewing. If necessary, additional terabytes of storage can be bought per annum.
Automatic Transcription
  • Real time speech-to-text transcription immediately available at the end of the interview. The transcripts include the names of participants, what they said, and when it was said in chronological order.

automatic transcription

Example of automatic transcription available after the meeting

Multiple Participants
  • Mandatory recording of up to 15 participants with screen sharing. Include and invite all relevant parties to the video call with a personalised URL for that specific meeting.

Features for Interviewees:

High Quality Audio and Video
  • First impressions are important, so we provide users with the highest quality audio and video possible to create an environment comparable to in-person meetings using remote technology.
Simple Registration
  • When the host sends you a link to a meeting on Mea: Connexus, simply click on the URL and enter your name to enter the meeting.

Mea: Connexus registration

Greetings page when clicking on a Mea: Connexus video link

Device Agnostic
  • Use Mea: Connexus on a multitude of devices, from smartphones to tablets to computers.
Change Camera and Microphone With Ease
  • Having issues with the inbuilt microphone or webcam? Switch to other video or sound inputs using the settings icon on the taskbar during or before the meeting.

Audio and visual inputs for Mea: Connexus

Change your audio or visual input with ease

Browser Compatibility
  • No software needs to be downloaded when launching and using Mea: Connexus, instead use your favourite browser. This includes Google Chrome, MS Edge and Safari.
Secure Chat
  • Send instant messages to participants of the video call. Either message every participant or send a discreet message to a specific user on the call. As mentioned previously, silent observers can converse with the meeting’s host privately without alerting other members of the call.

Mea: Connexus secure chat

Instant messaging with the ability to message certain participants

Media Sharing
  • Combined with secure chat is the ability to share media in the video call chat. Send documents, photos, or other content that might be pertinent to the meeting without having to share media through email or another messaging application.

Mea: Connexus – The Video Interview Platform for Security and Integrity

Traditional, in-person investigations can be costly and burdensome on both the investigator and staff as well as the interviewee. They are likely to be inconvenient and if the meetings are hosted in the home of the interviewee, it can be intrusive.

By using Mea: Connexus, there will be no misinterpretations or discrepancies in the meeting’s content. Alongside mandatory video recordings which can be accessed after the meeting, the meeting can be verified to ensure no changes have been made to the data using our Blockchain validator.

Struggling to organise and schedule participants to attend a physical meeting? With Mea: Connexus you can invite users from across the globe, saving you travel and fleet costs, and have a digital record of the meeting and all that was said.

Start a free trial of Mea: Connexus today by contacting us via 

Learn more about Mea: Connexus on our dedicated website, peruse our previous articles covering law enforcement and insurance and the uses of Mea: Connexus in those industries, or view our Mea: Connexus brochure in law enforcement or Mea: Connexus in insurance.

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