Mea: Message

A safe and secure corporate
messaging platform

Introducing Mea: Message – a corporate messaging platform that ensures the security of all your conversations.

In today’s working world, instant messaging is an effective way to maintain collaboration and share information, especially when working remotely. However, most messaging platforms pass your data through unknown, uncontrolled points, putting your information at risk.

Mea: Message is our secure solution that ensures your corporate communications are safe.

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Enhanced Communication Experience

Secure. Collaborative. Instant.

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Better Interation

Track collaborations with a management dashboard, draw attention with priority messages, and enable group broadcasting.

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More Confidence

100% GDPR compliant, featuring time stamps, read receipts, and self-destructing messages for sensitive content.

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Fast & Easy Sharing

Share documents, audio messages, videos, photos, locations, calendar events & more with individuals or groups.

Security & Storage

Controlled. Private. Protected.

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256-bit AES Encryption protects sent & received messages using an encryption key that’s unique to your organisation.

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Your Data, Your Choice

Control your data and decide where it’s stored, whether it be your own cloud infrastructure, stored on-premises, or more.

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Cloud Based

Your own corporate secure cloud storage is provided, for you to store all conversations, shared media, and sensitive information.


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NIST Compliant

Supporting increased security & reduced data leak risk

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Increased Security

Keep up your comms with confidence

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GDPR Compliant

The protection of your data our priority

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Reduced Risk

Allowing you to avoid the risk of adware, spyware, worms and trojans

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Quickly share documents, media, and updates with colleagues

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