Mea: Fuse

A secure, blockchain-enabled digital
evidence & intelligence ledger

Introducing Mea: Fuse – an immutable record that you can trust for any digital evidence and intelligence.

In our increasingly digital world, content and records can be edited and changed with the click of a button, putting your digital evidence and intelligent documents at risk and causing their authenticity to be questioned.

Mea: Fuse is our reliable, sealed solution that “fuses” your files so if anything is altered, you’ll know.

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Blockchain Technology

Immutable. Protected. Authentic.

Blockchain technology, auditing, and hash algorithms preserve the evidential integrity of your digital information, presenting proof that your records are immutable and have not been edited, tampered with, or compromised.

The authenticity of your digital evidence and documentation can be proven with the use of Mea: Fuse and validated by any third parties you choose to share media with.


Secure. Fail-Safe. Accessible

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Cloud Storage for the validated Fuse record.

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256-bit AES Encryption allows all Fuse records to be stored safely and securely.

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Documents and media can be shared with third parties with confidence.

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Aligned with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre SaaS and Cloud Principles


Verified. Reliable. Genuine

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All digital evidence remains with the client or investigative agency throughout.

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Any copyright or ownership challenges can be verified by Mea: Fuse’s authenticity.

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Digital evidence & information can be safely shared for validation.


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Ability to counter challenges on digital authenticity and ownership

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With both desktop & mobile devices

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 Clear delineation from the point of immutability and the journey of the digital media.

Potential Applications

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Law Enforcement | mea:fuse | Issured

Law Enforcement

Legal and Financial | mea:fuse | Issured

Legal and Financial

Intelligent Research | mea:fuse | Issured

Intelligence Research

Forensics | mea:fuse | Issured


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Personal media records

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Corporate formal documents and or media records

Schedule a demonstration
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