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In addition to creating tailored applications, we’ve used our research and experience to develop a set of products ready to implement according to your business’ needs. So, you could transform your business and implement new technologies without the need for bespoke design services.

Our research and experience has allowed us to develop a number of secure applications aimed at addressing the challenges we’ve encountered throughout our work. Our Innovation, Research and Development team are continually responding to identified gaps in the market and using their expertise to leverage the latest technologies to develop secure, user-friendly, and innovative products.

These products – Mea: Connexus, Mea: Fuse, and Mea: Message – are aimed at addressing the challenges we’ve encountered throughout our work.

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Mea: Connexus

Secure Video Interviewing

Mea: Connexus a secure blockchain-enabled video interview and engagement solution which ensures evidential integrity.

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Mea: Fuse

Digital Material Integrity
& Management

Mea: Fuse, a blockchain and hash enabled immutable record that creates a “Digital Evidence Bag” for any of your digital evidence or intelligence.

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Mea: Message

Secure Corporate Messaging

Mea: Message, a corporate messaging platform that ensures the security of all your communications and conversations.

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